Circulus | Business Process Automation

Decrease Operating Costs
With AP Automation

  • Minimal Upfront Costs

Circulus Enterprise is proud to offer a platform for AP personnel and their vendors, all without license-based pricing. By removing seat-based pricing, the cost of Circulus Enterprise can scale painlessly as your organizational headcount grows.

  • 99% Accuracy Guaranteed

Flexibility is crucial when you’re dealing with thousands of vendors. Whether your vendors send you invoices via email, word document, excel, or even handwritten mail, we guarantee that the data will be extracted and processed with 99% accuracy.

  • Robust and Configurable

Powerful AP workflow and flexible business rules are what separate decent accounts payable automation platforms from great ones. With Circulus you get a one-stop shop. Your data, processes, and support are all under one roof.

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Entertainment Case Study

An entertainment client faced issues associated with a manual, paper-based accounts payable workflow.

Telecom Case Study

A telecom company was seeking to automate paper-based processes across multiple business units and document types.

Circulus Overview

This presentation will give you an overview of the Circulus Enterprise, SMB and BPO services.