Circulus | Business Process Automation


And we made getting them easier.

Do you find it difficult to implement process improvement initiatives due to limitations with budget and IT bandwidth?

Although the benefits of implementing a solution are recognized, you wonder if they will outweigh the costs.

By downloading our interactive ROI Calculator, you can finally have the numbers you need to understand the value of implementing an AP Automation solution.

  • Determine your company’s actual ROI
  • Discover how AP automation can lower your ‘Cost per Invoice”
  • Realize potential savings in budget and bandwidth

Why Circulus Enterprise AP?

  • Immediate Ramp Up Capabilities

Our platform integration is a seamless and managed process, which allows for your users to actively take advantage of the capabilities immediately after launch.

  • Minimal Upfront Cost (Cap-Ex)

Implementation of the Circulus AP Platform requires minimal Cap-Ex, allowing you to realize a virtually immediate return on investment.

  • No Ongoing IT Support Required

Our platform and implementation are full-service, and do not require any infrastructure changes or technology personnel for ongoing support. The Circulus platform and implementation does not require any 3rd party partnerships, as all services are performed 100% in-house.

  • Instant Scalability

Our cloud solutions are highly configurable, and provide unlimited users to access and work within our technology. Combined with instantly configurable workflow options, our platform allows you to easily scale to the volume and complexity of your business.

Entertainment Case Study

An entertainment client faced issues associated with a manual, paper-based accounts payable workflow.

Telecom Case Study

A telecom company was seeking to automate paper-based processes across multiple business units and document types.

History of Accounting

Take a ride in our time machine to explore the history of accounting with this 8 part infographic series.