Why Circulus AP? 

Simple. Transparent. Affordable. A Decade of Proven Success.

    • Immediate Ramp Up Capabilities
      Our platform integration is a seamless and managed process, which allows for your users to actively take advantage of the capabilities immediately after launch.
    • Minimal to Zero Upfront Cost
      Implementation of the Circulus AP Platform requires minimal to zero upfront investment, allowing you to realize a virtually immediate return on investment. 
    • No Infrastructure Changes or IT Support Required
      Our platform and implementation are full-service, and do not require any infrastructure changes or technology personnel on your side in order to be completed successfully. We offer complimentary IT support for the duration of your term, ensuring that you get the most out of your time with Circulus.
    • Instant Scalability
      Our cloud solutions are highly configurable, and provide unlimited users to access and work within our technology. Combined with instantly configurable workflow options, our platform allows you to easily scale to the volume and complexity of your business.
    • Immediate Value-Add
      With minimal upfront cost and the departmental efficiencies and payment optimization capabilities, AP will immediately become a value-add to your organization.
    • Say Goodbye to Extra Fees
      Circulus offers complimentary image hosting and storage for a period of 7 years. Our OCR technology, scanning software and ongoing platform maintenance are provided at no charge with your account.