Infographic: Crafting the Perfect Invoice Checklist

Six Ways to Get Paid Faster – An Invoice Checklist

In a perfect world, the process of payables and receivables would be a seamless and efficient flow. But in reality, payments are often delayed by simple but easily-overlooked elements of invoice design. Try using this invoice checklist.

By crafting a transparent and well-structured invoice, you can dramatically cut down on phone calls, disputes and delayed payments.

Perfect Invoices in an Imperfect World

Missing, incorrect, or just plain hard to find information aren’t just minor annoyances; these are costly mistakes that end up causing bottlenecks in the entire billing process. The harder it is to read your invoice, the longer it will take you to get paid. In order to ensure prompt payment, be sure your invoices have the 6 keys to the perfect invoice.

Return to Sender

Can you believe almost half of all invoice disputes  are caused by incorrect mailing information?  Make sure your invoices contain the 6 key pieces of data before sending, and you shouldn’t have any problem getting paid on time.


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