Downloadable resources to help you optimize your business.

SMB Social Media

If you’re a SMB heading out into the world of social media, this infographic will get you started.

Value-Added Practice

Transform your accounting firm from a commodity into an irreplaceable partnership.

Telecom Case Study

A telecom company was seeking to automate paper-based processes across multiple business units and document types.

The True Cost

What is paying vendors by check truly costing your business? This infographic will show you!

SMB Cloud-Based Payables

See the benefits of a cloud-based vendor payment workflow, and what perks you COULD be enjoying.

SMB Product Brochure

Learn more about how the Ciruclus automated business bill pay application can save you time and money!

SMB Accountant Program

Increase the value of your firm and impress clients by offering an online payables process.

SMB Mobile A/P

Circulus mobile accounts payable will free you from late hours in the office while still keeping you involved.

Exception Handling

Learn how little things like a missing digit can cause big bottlenecks in your invoice approval process.

Circulus Overview

This presentation will give you an overview of the Circulus Enterprise, SMB and BPO services.

History of Accounting

Take a ride in our time machine to explore the history of accounting with this 8 part infographic series.

Entertainment Case Study

An entertainment client faced issues associated with a manual, paper-based accounts payable workflow.