As a pioneer in the cloud-based AP and automation space, we’ve worked across various industries and client sizes. In doing so, we’ve developed a unique and flexible approach to solving complex business challenges. And even better, we’re capable of doing so quickly and affordably!

Here are just a few examples of the Circulus offering in action: 



A worldwide, direct and targeted marketing company that provides distribution of direct marketing services and shopper advertising opportunities to local, regional, national and international consumer and business-to-business marketers was seeking to improve a paper and electronic AP and matching PO/BOL process.

The Circulus solution was tasked with solving for:

  • Disparate data from multiple uncommunicative back end solutions
  • Automating multiple ‘invoice types’ with different business rules
  • 100% elimination of paper documents received
  • Expense report creation/approval access for 4,500+ employees
  • Eliminating manual PO/BOL matching process
  • Timely approval workflow when no internet access is available

The Circulus solution included the implementation of:

  • Multiple avenues of invoice delivery for vendors
  • Image-based web portal
  • Unlimited licenses
  • Integration of 12 data feeds from multiple back end solutions
  • Business rule robotics applied to matching BOL’s and PO’s to invoices
  • Mobile approval workflow app
Full Case Study

This is just a sampling of the full case study. If you want to read more about the results this client received, download the full case study.


100% Reduction

In Paper-Based Corporate Processes

75% Touchless

BOL/PO Process Matching

100% Access

Of Corporate Employees With No Additional Cost

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