Our approach to process outsourcing can be summed up into a single word: flexibility. With Circulus, your unique business requirements aren’t forced into a pre-configured cookie cutter solution. Rather, we partner with you to develop a tailored solution just for your business needs, no matter how complex.

Not Too Big. Not Too Small.

Being in business for 10 years, we are experienced and capable enough to service Fortune 500 companies, but agile enough to serve smaller businesses. We pride ourselves on our proven scalability. For smaller organizations, larger providers can easily be distracted by “bigger fish,” leaving you waiting in a queue until your needs can be met. And for large companies, smaller providers quite simply cannot meet the needs of hyper-complex workflow needs.

At Circulus, we’ve taken the needs and learnings of companies large and small, and developed a methodology which is scalable, affordable and effective for businesses of all sizes.

In House & In Control

Unlike most providers, the Circulus product and service offering is 100% owned, and in-house. What that means for you: visibility. Your project, process, data, and workflow are housed entirely within the Circulus ecosystem at all times.

How does this help your business? It allows us to communicate within departments and functions on any and all nuances, details, requirements and expectations of your business. And should any issue arise, there’s no need for us to reach out to 3rd parties responsible for specific components of your workflow. There will be no runaround, no finger pointing and no long resolution times.

With Circulus, your process resides within our walls, entirely.

Any Document Any Time

Without a doubt, proper management of payables is key to running a business and keeping vendors happy. But there’s more to your day-to-day than just invoices. Here’s where Circulus comes in to play. While we’ve got deep expertise in invoice automation and management, our solution extends into other document types as well. From credit card reconciliation to check requests and expense reports, our platform is your one-stop shop for document efficiency.

1-Stop Shop

Given our expertise in cloud portals, software development, workflow engines and complex process automations, it could easily take anywhere from 2 to 5 vendors to provide what Circulus brings to the table. For accounts payable personnel, there is a benefit in having a singular partner with the knowledge of their AP needs from end-to-end. And for the C-Class, they can rest assured that our methodologies and capabilities ensure a virtually immediate ROI.

You Make the Rules

Our experience across industries and the complexities within has given us a keen understanding of business rules. Chances are, we’ve addressed similar challenges that face your company, and have yet to encounter business rules which we weren’t equipped to handle. Our rule engines are designed to scale with your business, and provide you with the ability to make changes to your workflow on the fly.

And what good are business rules without workflow? Our approval and exception workflows take your rules and transform them into a tangible business benefit. Fully-automated and comprehensive, even the most complex processes can now be executed with the click of a button.


Perform Needs Assessments

We will work closely with you to identify which processes are good candidates for outsourcing and which should remain in-house. This involves collaboration with all internal stakeholders in order to develop a holistic needs assessment.

Define Project Structure

Once the needs are assessed, the process will shift to detailed requirements gathering sessions. From there, the project can be properly scoped, phased (if necessary) and adequately staffed. This can include on-location staff, offshored resources, or a combination.

Establish Governance Models

A well-defined governance model will be constructed to aide in the initial and ongoing ownership of accountability, controls, compliance and quality. This includes project management, technical, and delivery personnel.

Define Success

Before embarking on any technical implementations, establish an agreed upon and easily-defined measure of success, whether it be financial, operational, or both.

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