Entirely configurable. Absolutely scalable. Totally doable.

Your business is packed with policies, procedures and workflows, many of which require manual intervention. Our non-voice business process outsourcing solutions take advantage of both technology and human brainpower to create powerful automation engines.

Our methodology allows for scalability of even the most complex business rules and workflow needs. And by integrating with your existing ERP, our solutions can operate seamlessly with your organization.


Documentation provides the data at the heart of your business processes. While crucial, managing the collection of documentation across multiple locations can be a major drain on resources. Circulus makes this task simple. We’ll work with your existing systems and platforms to consolidate your document collection into a single destination for document management.

Document collection mechanisms include:

  • Proprietary Circulus web scan tools
  • Client portal uploads
  • External data feeds
  • EDI, email or FTP
  • PO Box services
Business Process Outsourcing Data Entry


Crucial data lives within physical documents, and we all know how cumbersome data entry and extraction can be. Circulus utilizes proprietary software in addition to data entry experts to extract and validate data from any format. Our capabilities leverage human intelligence with technical automation to give you the best possible quality, including undefined document formats and handwritten data.

Data extraction services include:

  • Tech-enabled data entry, with 99% accuracy
  • Client templates and data mapping
  • Data validation, QA and QC services


Each business is unique, with processes and rules specific to their needs. Circulus outsourcing takes these requirements and translates them into a powerful customized workflow and business rule engine. From there, even the most complex workflow needs can be accomplished, complete with cloud portals and backend data integrations.

Workflow capabilities include:

  • Complex business rule automation
  • Backend integrations
  • User and vendor portal development
  • Workflow, exception handling and reporting
Outsourced Document Workflow

 Automate Your Document Processing Today!

  • With Circulus [XTGlobal], we were able to receive a solution that provided us with 99.5% accuracy for our data extraction despite having close to 10,000 vendors invoices templates. Their fully customizable end-to-end solution provides not only the standard data extraction and approval workflow, but incorporates our custom online forms, business rules, and data feed as well.

    VP of Financial Systems for a Fortune 1000 company
  • With our idiosyncrasies it was a must to have a solution that was customizable but not ladled with professional service fees. Circulus [XTGlobal] offered us a customizable solution that met our exact needs, did not require us to fit into their mold, and far exceeded our expectations.

    Implementation Team of a Fortune 50 Telco Company
  • Having been in management here for 15 years, I can honestly say Circulus [XTGlobal] has been the best vendor I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They take the word “partnership” seriously and go above and beyond the “call of duty” in every aspect of their business.”

    General Manager of a Fortune 500 Transportation Company
  • Circulus [XTBills] is a great product. easy to set up and use. They also have outstanding support. It's one thing to get the app, but they stand behind it and help you through any questions. That's a huge benefit. Can't recommend them enough.

    cdaly (apps.com)
  • The customer service team goes above and beyond with any issues you have and are extremely responsive to any/all questions. Kaity in particular is always on top of things and provides very thorough solutions to problems. I highly recommend this app!

    AndreaC (apps.com)
  • This application was easy to setup, easy to integrate and easy to use. Customer service is fantastic and responsive. I use it only for paying bills so far. The ACH and vendor setup works great. I use it for several of my clients. I recommend this app.

    Yamil (apps.com)
  • The system is very user friendly. The support team is great their response time is amazing. This is a very good program and our customers love it.

    Kathy12 (apps.com)

Circulus Overview

This presentation will give you an overview of the Circulus Enterprise, SMB and BPO services.

Entertainment Case Study

An entertainment client faced issues associated with a manual, paper-based accounts payable workflow.

Telecom Case Study

A telecom company was seeking to automate paper-based processes across multiple business units and document types.