As a pioneer in the cloud-based AP and automation space, we’ve worked across various industries and client sizes. In doing so, we’ve developed a unique and flexible approach to solving complex business challenges. And even better, we’re capable of doing so quickly and affordably!

Here are just a few examples of the Circulus offering in action:



An international manufacturer of water and maintenance solutions was facing Accounts Payable challenges while managing operations through numerous FTEs working from multiple locations, with various currencies and languages.

The Circulus solution was tasked with:

  • Better utilization of resources
  • Consolidation of operations
  • Elimination of redundant tasks
  • Improved visibility into the operations
  • Streamlined communication channel

The Circulus solution included:

  • Development of a centralized, web-based portal for handling all AP-related workflows with automated routing for approvals.
  • Implementation of business rules to allow for “Touchless” PO invoice processing.
  • 99% accuracy through automatic invoice capture.
  • Communication trails to track and log communication between the various participants across the globe to further speed up the processing.
  • Reports and dashboards for monitoring all AP tasks and activities.
Full Case Study

This is just a sampling of the full case study. If you want to read more about the results this client received, download the full case study.

Ap automation for maintenance products



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