Lead your Accounts Payable towards Data-Driven Progress

Data-enabled decision making has become a critical business requirement. Investments in storing and managing enormous data can fail to yield results if the available data is not leveraged for business advantage. The untapped potential in your Accounts Payable database can only be utilized if the right data reaches the right person at the right time. Unleash the power of data to give Accounts Payable a cutting edge.

Data analysis is not only imperative for spend control but also to derive areas of concern so that they can be successfully addressed! Drilling-down into the data till you reach the root of the matter, is the most dependable approach towards finding a permanent resolution. Every dataset tells a story; you just have to begin with the data analysis. You can process data, spot trends, forecast cash flows, measure deviations, create charts, and use them for strategic decision making.

Meet the compelling need for quick and customized data-retrieval

With large scale operations and thousands of invoices processed every month, enterprises are increasingly adopting accounts payable automation for streamlining their processes. While evaluating the available AP automation alternatives, the data search functionality of the solutions is often overlooked. An enormous amount of time and resources can be saved through advanced search capabilities in your Accounts Payable tool. The ability to perform customized searches and get instant output empowers the team.

Capitalize on exhaustive search capabilities with Circulus AP automation

Circulus brings account payable data at your disposal with its extensive search feature- Multiple Filters, Limitless Combinations. All you need to do is define what you are looking for! With two search options, you can either use Search for regular data search or Search plus for payment, interface or segment specific filters. For instance, interface search can be used by the team to check the number of invoices interfaced with ERP on a selected day.

  • Save Search. Save Time
    Our search functionality not only takes away the burden of writing lengthy and complex queries but also lets you maintain a list of your own saved searches. So, just define your criteria once, save the search, and going forward, you can pull up the required data with one click.
  • Customizable Output Fields
    When we say entirely customizable search, we mean it. With Circulus Search, you only need to view what is essential for you. So, you can decide the output data according to your requirements. It could be just the header data or line data, distribution, or all of them.
  • Strict Access Control
    Circulus adheres to high standards of access control. The roles and permissions for each user are clearly defined in the application. The search section also provides you an option to define and restrict access, which means that if John works in the Finance Department with access restricted to only documents pertinent to his department then he can be prohibited search access for Marketing department documents. No compromise on data security. No risk of compliance issues.
  • Select Your Output Format
    With Circulus search, you can pull up a multitude of fields in your results table. You can view or download the results in an Excel or CSV file. Circulus also offers an Email option, where you get the link to the file on your email.

The comprehensive search-feature is specially designed for your ad-hoc requirements. Apart from this, Circulus also provides Aging, Exception, Monthly Approval, and Lifecycle reports as per the pre-defined criteria. We, at Circulus, understand the magnitude of impact that data analysis can make. It is indispensable for keeping a close watch on process KPIs and gives you the ability to deep-dive into a specific section/instance of operations. Your database holds enormous reserves of information and Circulus enables every member of your team to access it through a simple user interface.

Freedom to Search, Wisdom through data. This is AP Automation by Circulus.
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