AP Automation is finally simple, powerful and affordable.

  • Flexible Bill Pay Options

Schedule your processing date and choose whether to pay via ACH or check. Your payments will then be executed, with the corresponding data being synced automatically to your QuickBooks account. We also support partial payments, and the ability to flag payments made outside of the Circulus SMB platform.

  • QuickBooks Integration

With daily automatic data synchronization as well as on-demand sync options, your data is kept up to date across both tools. With 14 unique datapoint integrations, Circulus supports integration with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Powerful AP Workflow

From a simple enter-and-pay process to complex review and approval flows, Circulus can scale to meet your needs. Our detailed role-based permissions allow for checks and balances across the entire AP process, with all activities being date and timestamped and presented within an intuitive audit trail format.

  • AP Reporting Suite

Keeping tabs on your cashflow is critical, and our AP reporting tools were designed to keep your finger on the pulse of your payables. View payment history, outstanding payments, vendor balances and more, all with a reporting suite that allows you to view, export and share your data.


Invoices go missing. Questions go unanswered, and duplicate payments are all too common. With the Circulus small business bill pay platform, your invoices, expense reports, supporting documents and notes are visible at all times. Easily accessible 24/7 by your team, providing a 360-degree view of your AP operations.

  • Role-based dashboards
  • Workflows, including the ability to assign approvers
  • Current & historical views of your payables, payees and account details
  • AP reports to help you understand your cash flow
Accounts Payable Reporting
Small Business Bill Pay


We don’t take security lightly, and have taken steps to make sure that our product utilizes only the best-in-class tools and procedures. The Circulus SMB platform continually provides security in your day-to-day operations. Role-based security, automated business rules, and detailed audit trails keep your data and process secure and reportable at all times.

  • Bank account and billing card masking
  • Idle time-out and lock-screen capabilities
  • Certifications


Banking bill pay is convenient, and credit cards are a great way to rack up rewards. But how much time do you spend going back into accounting software to capture and code the data? And if you need workflow, multiple users, document storage or reporting, jumping between tools just isn’t efficient.

With Circulus, you’ve got a single source for all things payable. Setup your workflow, pay bills, and all of the data automatically syncs with your accounting software.

  • API integration into QuickBooks Online & Desktop
  • Daily and on-demand account synchronization options
  • Quick visibility into payables and supporting docs
  • Information on vendors and vendor credits
Small Business Bill Pay


We’re dedicated to providing our customers with a superior experience across our products and services. From an extensive video tutorial library to best practice guides and personalized onboarding sessions, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

  • In-app chat, email, and toll-free phone support
  • Online Knowledge Center, including how-to videos
  • Prompt customer service from real people!
  • The customer service team goes above and beyond with any issues you have and are extremely responsive to any/all questions. Kaity in particular is always on top of things and provides very thorough solutions to problems. I highly recommend this app!

    AndreaC (
  • Circulus [XTBills] is a great product. easy to set up and use. They also have outstanding support. It's one thing to get the app, but they stand behind it and help you through any questions. That's a huge benefit. Can't recommend them enough.

    cdaly (
  • This application was easy to setup, easy to integrate and easy to use. Customer service is fantastic and responsive. I use it only for paying bills so far. The ACH and vendor setup works great. I use it for several of my clients. I recommend this app.

    Yamil (
  • The system is very user friendly. The support team is great their response time is amazing. This is a very good program and our customers love it.

    Kathy12 (

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AP Automation for Franchising

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