View the FAQs to find answers to some most common questions. 

Account Setup
Do I Need a QuickBooks Account to Use Circulus?

At this time, an active QuickBooks Desktop or Online account is required to utilize the full bill payment capabilities of Circulus.

We are hard at work crafting additional accounting software integrations and standalone options, so stay tuned.

Is My Information Secure?

We take security very seriously, and have implemented the leading providers of data security and privacy. Our partnership with Norton Secure and TrustE provide the leading standards of site security and data privacy.

What If I Need to Change Plans?

No worries! You can upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime. Your account will be credited or charged a prorated rate on your next billing date.

Why Must I Complete an Identity & Bank Verification?

Because when money is involved, especially related to someone’s livelihood, we want to take every precaution to protect our customers. Every new user must complete an Experian identity verification (this is not a credit check!), as well as a bank account verification.

While this process may take up to 5 business days, please know that it is to ensure the utmost security of your funds.

You will only be asked to verify your identity once. Subsequent bank accounts can be setup without identity verification via Experian.

Do You Offer Volume or Accountant Discounts?

Please contact us to learn more about our accountant programs.

Features and Functionality
What Browsers Are Compatible With Circulus?

For the best performance, we recommending using Circulus on one of the following web browsers:
Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11 or Edge browser
Chrome 37, 38, 55 or latest
Firefox 31, 32, 33, 50 or latest
Safari 5.1.5, 5.1.7, 7.0.6, 7.1

What Kind of Support Do You Offer?

We have a detailed Knowledge Center, including how-to videos, user guides and step-by-step walk-thrus. In addition we offer live chat, toll-free phone support (Mon. – Fri., 9am-5pm CST), and a helpful contact form.

I Have Multiple Companies. Do I Need To Buy Multiple Plans?

Each company requires its own subscription, as well as its own unique QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop account.

However if you do have multiple companies, you can manage multiple companies from a single Circulus account with one login. All you need to do is add it to your Company List and complete the setup wizard for the newly added company.

What Information Syncs From QuickBooks, and Vice-Versa?

From QuickBooks to Circulus:

  • Payment Terms
  • Classes
  • GL Accounts
  • Items
  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Vendors
  • Completely Unpaid Bills
  • Locations
  • Jobs
  • Departments

From Circulus to QuickBooks:

  • Vendors
  • Bills
  • Vendor Credits
  • Expenses
  • Payments
Will Expenses Sync From My QuickBooks account?

We recommend entering any new expenses in your Circulus account so that they will sync to your QuickBooks account. Expenses entered in QuickBooks are already considered paid, so they will not sync from QuickBooks to Circulus.

What If a Vendor Sends Me a Credit?

No problem, vendor credits can be created and applied to any bill, either in full or partially. Circulus maintains your credit balance directly within our platform so there is no need to log your credits outside of it.

What If I Pay a Bill Outside of Circulus?

Our platform allows for detailed notes to be included for each bill, allowing you to assign the bill as “paid” while still synchronizing the payment details with your QuickBooks account.

What Is an ACH Payment?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, and is a computer-based clearing and settlement facility established to process transactions between participating financial institutions. These transactions are processed in large batches, and are different from a direct deposit or an EFT (electronic funds transfer).

The rules and regulations that govern the ACH network are established by NACHA and the Federal Reserve.

How Do Vendors Supply Their Bank Info For ACH?

Vendor bank account details can be entered directly into Circulus by your account administrator, or you can choose to send an email invitation to your vendors providing them with a link to safely and securely register their own bank information within the platform.

Vendors do NOT need to register for a Circulus account to accept payments.

Do You Send Payments Outside The United States?

At this time we are strictly operating within the United States. We are, however, in the process of extending check payments to Canada, so keep an eye out!

Can I Schedule Recurring Payments?

No, currently Circulus does not support recurring payments. However, to save you time, we do support recurring bills. Instead of having to enter a bill for every instance, you can set a bill to be entered into the system automatically on a recurring schedule that you create.

How Are My Payments Processed?

We are partnered with one of the largest and most established banks in the United States to process check and ACH payments made via Circulus. All accounts are FDIC insured, and we have implemented industry leading services to monitor web security, privacy, PCI compliance. We are also SOC1 TYPE2 certified.

How Long Will it Take For My Payments to Clear?

Our daily cutoff time to process bills is 5pm CST, Monday-Friday. For bills entered before that cutoff, payments will typically be received into vendor bank accounts within 2-3 business days for ACH payments, and 4-5 business days for check payments.

Do You Accept Credit Card Payments?

We do not facilitate the paying of bills using credit cards.