VENKATA NIMEESHA POSADeputy General Manager - Marketing

    Nimeesha leads the global marketing team at Circulus with an aim to accelerate customers’ growth with digital transformation. She has extensive experience in formulating business development strategies and connecting dynamic technology for customers across multiple regions and industries.

    Nimeesha is a proven IT Services Marketing Executive with over 14 years of experience leading digital marketing and content strategies for high-growth companies. She always aspires to gain sustainable profits with service excellence. With a combined set of specialized skills in knowledge management, content writing, designing and business growth, she has been creating lead-generating campaigns and creating value for offerings by connecting marketing and technology.

    Prior to joining Circulus, Nimeesha held senior roles with major multinational IT and/or consulting firms such as ICFAI, Deloitte, Data Intensity and Hitachi Consulting, where she has achieved turnaround performance in both stable and dynamic environments ensuring consistent business growth.

    Nimeesha has a Bachelor’s in Computer Applications and a Master’s in Business Administration.

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