Infographic: Building Your SMB Social Media Toolkit

In 2017, if your business doesn’t have a solid social presence, you could be missing out on valuable leads. Gone are the days where just having a website was enough to get by – businesses must now reach their audiences on the social networks where they spend most of their time.

Finding your target audience and figuring out what social network is right for you can be time consuming, and it certainly isn’t getting any easier with a new network hitting the scene almost every day. Below you’ll find how to determine what social media outlet is best for your business.

Key Social Network Stats & Demographics


  • 18% of the US population uses it
  • Used primarily for exclusive deals & discounts
  • A fast paced platform, Twitter allows for rapid exchanges, effective customer service  as well as a direct contact mechanism for your prospects & customers alike.


  • 70% use it to research future purchases
  • 21% of American adults have an account
  • 84% of users are female
  • 34% of users have a household income over $100,000
  • Overall a great platform to showcase products; especially for businesses in the food, fashion, or photography industry


  • 73% of the US population are on it
  • Has 1.49 billion active monthly users
  • Core demographic is gradually getting older
  • Product and business pages are indexed for search, making a Facebook profile for your business a no-brainer for improving your rankings as well as facilitating customer communication.


  • 17% of US adults use it
  • Much like Pinterest, it’s great for those with a visual product
  • 57% of users access it on a daily basis
  • 43% of mobile owners aged 18-29 use it
  • Only 2% of small business currently use Instagram, making a niche network that could give you significant advantage over your competition


  • 364 million active users
  • 79% of users are 35 years or older
  • Mostly used for professional networking, LinkedIn is a great space to establish your business as a thought leader in your industry


  • 67% of users are male
  • Top three brands are Mashable, Chrome & Android
  • Average age of user is 28
  • Majority of users work in technology & engineering
  • While mostly quiet on the engagement front, 68% of all searches are conducted through Google making it a valuable asset for SEO

While we hope you’ve learned some key takeaways about the major social networks, we also know that there’s so much more to marketing your business. Be on the lookout for more toolkits exploring newer social networks, CRMs, email platforms, and more!


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