Welcome to Circulus!

Greetings, and welcome to Circulus!

I’m Wes Wilkins, VP of Marketing for Circulus. Until today, what is now Circulus was comprised of multiple business units underneath the XTGlobal and XTBills brands. We’re very excited about the consolidation into the Circulus identity and can’t wait to get started with this new chapter in our company’s story. 

Why Rebrand?

In the case of Circulus, the decision came from the internal realization that previously disparate business units were, in fact, much more similar that different. The XTGlobal offering has been focused on enterprise AP automation and tech-enabled process outsourcing since 2006, and has in that time, processed over 93 million documents, with associated invoice values eclipsing $153 billion. Our SMB offering, XTBills, launched in BETA in May of 2015. Since that time, we’ve paid over 6,000 customer bills via ACH and check payments –  over $80 million in actual payments!

While the audiences for these solutions were mutually exclusive, the underlying philosophies, technologies, and capabilities were quite similar. After all, a great idea for an enterprise client can be just as great for an SMB. And sure, the execution may differ, but ultimately, we were solving for similar problems, just across a wide range of client size and complexity.

With exciting new development projects on the roadmap of both divisions, we began discussing concepts and positioning that was mutually beneficial, and began having interesting internal discussions about how best to present the market with cohesive and focused message. In other words, what’s our overall brand vision, and how can we best consolidate our capabilities and expertise across multiple teams into a single entity?

Through dozens of conversations, meetings, and concepting sessions, we arrived at a brand identity that captured the essence and ethos that summed it all up. Circulus, latin for “Circle”, encapsulated what we were looking for – closed loop, comprehensive, a seamless form. 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out the new brand, and we appreciate your patience throughout. Service will remain uninterrupted, quality and responsiveness will remain unchanged, and any transition should leave your business untouched.

What Does This Mean?

It means focused presentation and continued focus on quality and service. As we enter into this phase of our company, we’ve made it a point to recognize the best characteristics of what we are, of what we do. In doing so, we’re fully aware of our guiding principles. We’re more focused than ever, and excited to continue the journey.

As for the XTGlobal brand, it’s not just alive and well, but thriving. As our parent company, XTGlobal has been a leading provider of IT services, development, and resource management since 1998. With this re-brand, XTGlobal can now focus its brand entirely on IT services, allowing for the same type of focus that Circulus now allows the AP and BPO capabilities. 

We’d love to hear your feedback, and as always, your suggestions on making our products and services are always welcome.

Again, we welcome you to Circulus. We ARE Automation.

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